Demanding Full & Fair Payments From Flood Insurance Companies

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Let our appraiser, rather the one hired by the insurance company, give you a fair appraisal of your loss.  We will evaluate your property loss and negotiate a complete settlement of your flood policy claim. You will be involved in every step of the process but with the support of our legal and estimation team.

We are dedicated to helping Louisiana recover from the Great Flood of 2016. Full and fair payments to victims from flood insurance companies are a critical part of that recovery. We want to make sure that happens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage.

A standard flood policy covers up to $250,000 for the structure of the home and $100,000 for personal possessions. Structural damages are calculated using either replacement cost, which will pay the amount needed to rebuild or repair the home to the condition it was in prior to the flooding or actual cash value which will only pay the replacement cost minus the depreciation. Whether your policy is a replacement or actual cash value depends on the value of your home and the size of your insurance policy.  Damages to personal possessions, however, are calculated using actual cash value. In other words, the older the possessions are, the less value the homeowner will be able to recover. Excess flood policies to cover damages in excess of $250,000 in structural damage and $100,000 in damages to personal property are available.

A flood insurance policy is obtained from an insurer that is authorized to issue and administer policies through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a program established by Congress in 1968 to help provide means for homeowners to protect themselves. It is typically an insurance company who issues and administers the policy. Some policies are also issued directly by FEMA

The federal government, through FEMA, issues some monetary relief, up to $33,000, for people affected by the flood. But that relief is not for flood policy claims.

The adjuster is not a federal employee. The adjuster is likely hired by your insurance company to adjust claims or works for a company contracted by your insurance company to do that.
No. To begin the claims process, you need to inform your insurance company of the loss. Filing a claim for relief with FEMA is not the same thing. If you do not know your insurer or cannot reach your agent, call the NFIP Claims Call Center at 1-800-621-3362.
Yes. And those time limits are strictly enforced. You have to file a Proof of Loss within 60 days of the loss. Although requests are frequently made to extend the 60-day filing deadline, no request has yet to be granted. Homeowners should not rely upon the possible extension. Homeowners should file their claims as quickly as possible, but only after ensuring that the full value of their losses is considered.
This is different. Unlike other claims in Louisiana, flood claims are governed by a different set of rules. And before filing suit (if the insurance company does not properly pay a claim), all of these rules must be followed. Failure to timely file a Proof of Loss will likely result in dismissal of any lawsuit.
The Notice of Loss put the insurer on notice that you have a claim. The Proof of Loss is the actual calculation of the value of the claim and the “Net Amount Claimed” under the policy. That Proof of Loss has to be signed by the insured. Before submitting and signing a Proof of Loss, you want to make sure that all costs are included. Remember that the adjuster who is coming to your home to do the estimation does not work for you. He works for the insurance company. You might want to confirm that the full value of your claim is being submitted by having an independent estimation done.
No. Your insurance company does not have to pay the amount claimed. Like any other property loss, the insurance company might evaluate your losses differently and pay less than what you claim are the costs of repair.
Call the NFIP Claims Call Center at 1-800-621-3362, with information about your flooded property.
If you have timely submitted the Notice of Loss and Proof of Loss forms, you must file suit within one year of the partial or total denial of your claim. That suit has to be filed in federal court.



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